You had me at “mushroom”

Now tell me this doesn’t look all kinds of delicious…Pork Chops with Burboun Mushroom Cream Sauce.

Can’t wait to try it.



Tried it and found it to be too much work for too little reward.  I subbed probably more than I should have and didn’t time the sauteeing of the mushrooms, making the sauce, browning the chops just right, so I ended up with a lukewarm, soggy, and not-very-saucy final product. 

Not a fan of much pork anyway, so I probably won’t make this again.


Monday and Tuesday


Chicken fajitas:  Chx, tossed with my usual taco seasonings + lime juice; peppers and onions tossed w/ same; sauteed quickly in batches.

Soft tortillas

Homemade salsa w/ banana peppers, sweet onions, omaha tomatoes, cilantro, lime, S&P



DQ for dessert (no blizzard, just a sundae–vanilla this time!)



BLTs on ciabatta — real bacon (done in the…) and fantastic “pink” tomatoes

Oven fries

Grilled cheese and sandwiches for the kids

Dinner Sunday, after being gone for the weekend

This one was better than most just-got-home-on-a-Sunday-evening meals.

Kebobs:  Steak marinated in balsamic, soy, grill seasoning, S & P; peppers, red onion, mushrooms

White rice

Steam-sauteed green beans from Grandma and Grandpa’s garden (+ the five harvested from our piddly plant)

Cucumbers & red onion in Cuke-Ranch dressing (eh…)


After dinner, trix yogurt for the kids.

Ice cream cones for us after bedtime.