No longer punishment


I typically think of “tuna & noodles” as punishment.  You know, something you have to eat during Lenten Fridays, during the forced avoidance of meat.  And, given that I’m not keen on making food I don’t want to eat or think will suck, I’ve never made a tuna & noodles concoction before.  (In fact, I didn’t much like tuna at all until my hubby converted me in recent years.) 

But this?  This was worth it.  Sauteed onion? Wine? Fresh parsley?  Ooohhmmm.  All of that added up to deliciousness and, since I doubled the recipe, leftovers that I couldn’t wait to eat.


fwiw, the kids had plain pasta, broc. and applesauce.  And one bite of tuna that they declared, to those bitty tastebuds, “awful”!