I could eat this every day

Josh was in town.  Translation:  We had risotto with dinner.  I might have demanded it. 

This time it was Butternut Squash Risotto, inspired by the cool mom-chef over at words to eat by.  I quartered and roasted a small butternut squash while Josh cooked the risotto, then pureed about 2/3 of it with a little brown sugar, thyme, stock and butter, and cubed the rest.  Added the squash to the risotto near the end of cooking (after removing a bit of the plain, but still delish, risotto from the pan to feed the skeptical children), finished with parmesan, S&P, and voila! heaven the most fabulous side dish ever.

Served it with grilled steak (because this was only the third day this month on which the sun was out, we had to celebrate! even though B grilled in the dark ;-)) and sliced carrots boiled and tossed with ginger and butter.


The annual “we-all-met-at-shiffler” gathering

This weekend’s menu, since it’s supposed to be cold:

Fritos and cheese and onions for topping
B requested Pumpkin Cream Cheese Apple Dip
Maybe Spinach-Artichoke Dip
Whatever everyone else brings

Oh, and Beer.


eta:  Yep, that’s what we had.  The chili was met with rave reviews, thank goodness.  The boys ate the leftovers on Sunday night.  I also made a white chili and used beer instead of chx broth, since I didn’t realize that I didn’t have broth until it was too late.  B ate a bowl and said he had to add seasoning but that it was okay.

Made the Spinach & Artichoke Dip using my CL standby recipe.  But again was missing ingredient, so it had only half the cream cheese and maybe a bit more sour cream.  I think it’s better that way; it often got too heavy with 2 blocks of cream cheese.

Others brought:
wine and beer
cookies, cheesecake, and an oreo mousse

Comfort food I

Yesterday was rainy, cold, dreary, just generally blah.  The upside?  Soccer practice was cancelled so we got to have another “stay-home night.”  I’d been daydreaming all day of warm comfort food, the likes of which my kids would look at, frown, and say “what IS this?!”  But I make it anyway!  So last night was chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes.  Really, it was the richest chicken pot pie I’ve ever had or made — and by rich, I mean rich.  Think lots of butteriness in a flaky, um…rich topping.   It was too much for the kids actually; they declared the filling “delicious” but were turned off by the pastry topping.  (In fact, the highlight of my night had to be Pinky’s gracious “Thank you for making this deliciousness, Mommy!”  And, no, she didn’t finish her dinner…)

So, the recipe.

And while we ate, I baked Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.  Mmm, fantastically moist and delish.  It’s already half gone!