Comfort food I

Yesterday was rainy, cold, dreary, just generally blah.  The upside?  Soccer practice was cancelled so we got to have another “stay-home night.”  I’d been daydreaming all day of warm comfort food, the likes of which my kids would look at, frown, and say “what IS this?!”  But I make it anyway!  So last night was chicken pot pie and mashed potatoes.  Really, it was the richest chicken pot pie I’ve ever had or made — and by rich, I mean rich.  Think lots of butteriness in a flaky, um…rich topping.   It was too much for the kids actually; they declared the filling “delicious” but were turned off by the pastry topping.  (In fact, the highlight of my night had to be Pinky’s gracious “Thank you for making this deliciousness, Mommy!”  And, no, she didn’t finish her dinner…)

So, the recipe.

And while we ate, I baked Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.  Mmm, fantastically moist and delish.  It’s already half gone!


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