The annual “we-all-met-at-shiffler” gathering

This weekend’s menu, since it’s supposed to be cold:

Fritos and cheese and onions for topping
B requested Pumpkin Cream Cheese Apple Dip
Maybe Spinach-Artichoke Dip
Whatever everyone else brings

Oh, and Beer.


eta:  Yep, that’s what we had.  The chili was met with rave reviews, thank goodness.  The boys ate the leftovers on Sunday night.  I also made a white chili and used beer instead of chx broth, since I didn’t realize that I didn’t have broth until it was too late.  B ate a bowl and said he had to add seasoning but that it was okay.

Made the Spinach & Artichoke Dip using my CL standby recipe.  But again was missing ingredient, so it had only half the cream cheese and maybe a bit more sour cream.  I think it’s better that way; it often got too heavy with 2 blocks of cream cheese.

Others brought:
wine and beer
cookies, cheesecake, and an oreo mousse


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