Lunch at the best restaurant in town

Okay, so I didn’t prepare it, but if this space is about celebrating food, then any trip to Alba is worth documenting. 

The downside: my fingers still smell like my salmon burger.

But I can deal with that, ’cause lemme tell ya about the upsides:

1.  The chef seated us and served us our salad and meals.  He graciously accepted my kudos on the spot’s features in local papers in recent weeks.  I’m enamored with nearly anyone who makes amazing food from (mostly) ordinary ingredients, and he is certainly one of “those people.”  Which leads me to…

2.  I’m still tasting and loving the beet salad — beets with roasted fingerling potatoes and fine-diced red onion meets perfect baby spinach expertly dressed with oil, acid, salt and just the right amount of pepper, and two hard-boiled egg halves sidled up next to the spinach.  The presentation was beautiful and the taste was spot-on.

3.  Round 2 for the salmon burger; I’d had it before and loved it.  Much as I try to be adventurous and go for variety, especially at a place like this, it wows me way more than any chicken or pasta dish ever could.  It rocked.  The fries were not so fantastic this time around but that’s nothing to cry about.

4.  Josh had the duck.  He declared it a teensy bit overdone but still seemed pleased. 

5.  Signature chocolate dessert…ohmyheavens!  The chocolate molten lava cake with a side scoop of house-made buttermilk ice cream is singularly the. best. dessert. in. town.  Period. The end.  It gives me goosebumps, it’s THAT good.

I can’t wait to see the spring menu…


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