Tonight’s lessons

1.  Easy with the mustard, Lassie

2.  Turns out you can roast frozen green beans!  Who knew?!

Re: #2:  I saw this recipe for roasted green beans and wanted them, like, right then.  But then the day happened, what, with its weather and all and it got all freezy and blizzardy and there was no way in h. e. double-hockey-sticks that I was going to the grocery store on a night like this.  Even if I were wearing more than sheers on my legs (yeah, who decides to wear a dress in 30 mph winds?! that would be yours truly.).  A person wants to be nowhere other than home when the wind and snow are blowing and howling like a pissed off bear.  Anyway, the point?  I wasn’t going to seek out fresh green beans, but I did have a bag of frozen beans.  The recipe says “or frozen,” so I decided to give it a go. 

Eh, they’re not exactly pretty but the flavor’s good.  And they’re a far cry better than the water-logged taste of most frozen veggies.

Now, about the mustard.  I love Dijon mustard.  Love, love it. 

But I put too much in my cheese sauce.   Damn!

I usually put ground mustard into my sauce for homemade mac ‘n cheese, so I figured I could sub some Dijon along with a few other tweaks (bit of herbs de provence, nutmeg).  Tasted the sauce and it was crazy overboard on the mus.  So I added a little sugar, plus it needed some salt.  We’ll see if it’s salvageable.  Stay tuned….


Yay!  File this under “Happy Accidents,” folks, ‘cuz this was fantastic!!  The flavors mellowed and melded just right in the oven and this was the best mac ‘n cheese I’d made in a looooong time.  My Hubs thought it was the cheese that was different and perfect and inquired after just what I’d done differently.  The kids even ate it (but only after expressing severe disappointment upon seeing baked mac instead of their favorite box of Annie’s on the counter)!  The Pink One even declared, “Mommy, you make the BEST mac ‘n cheese!” 

The green beans met some initial skepticism but the flavor won us all over.  We’d always prefer fresh, but these were great in a pinch.  I’d definitely make them again…you know, if we were homebound with nary a fresh green bean in sight.  In this winter, that’s an all-too-common prospect.

The cheesy pasta was just rich enough to warrant a glass of wine, so the sommelier selected a Malbec.  Good ’nuff.

And, after a dinner like that, who needs dessert?!


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