I recently discovered Spilled Milk and am pretty amused by their podcasts.  Didn’t think I’d enjoy listening to kitchen gadget noises while erudite (and hilarious) foodies talk about and prepare food that I didn’t get to see, let alone taste.  But I do!  It’s like eavesdropping on friends in the kitchen, only it’s edited so you don’t have to hear the arguments or transition silences.

Anyway, loved the latest podcast about milkshakes.

Matthew prepares a fantastic-sounding lemon sorbet-buttermilk-sesame concoction that I would love to try on a summer night.

Oh, and chocolate malts–or more aptly, hot fudge malts–are a major weakness for me.  I think I’m going to have to use up that (Carnation!) malt powder in the cupboard…like, tonight.



Saturday afternoon, The Boy and I enjoyed some DEEE-lish hot fudge malts.  There was no Hershey’s syrup in the house (once a cardinal sin, but the kids seem to have grown out of that) but I did find a jar of Hershey’s hot fudge that had resurfaced in The Great Refrigerator Purge of a few weeks back.  So…a generous tablespoon (or two…) of hot fudge, a couple scoops of unnaturally-shaped-rectangular-tub (as Matthew aptly notes in the podcast) vanilla ice cream, a splash of milk, and a generous quarter cup of malt powder later, we were happily slurping on some deliciousness usually reserved for warm summer nights or lazy lunches in 50s-style diners.

While nothing can top the hot fudge malts of my youth–or, more accurately, the sips I’d steal from my mom’s standard hot fudge malt from Goodrich Dairy–this was pretty damn good.  I got my fix. And now I’m good until Snookie’s opens for the season and my kids beg for sips from their mom’s malt.


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