How have I lived?

So.  The Husband is away this weekend, and the little birds are still at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  As my coworkers and I discussed our respective plans for dinner last night, someone asked if I’d splurge since I was alone and maybe eat ice cream for dinner. 

For a second, I reconsidered my plans.

But then I remembered that having the house to myself means I can make whatever *I* want without having to please anyone else’s palate.  Which also means I can have goat cheese at every meal.  (How have I lived most of my life without the wonder of goat cheese?! I’m making up for lost time this summer.)

And so I did.

Dinner last night was a twist on mac ‘n cheese, inspired by IGE.  I adjusted the recipe a little, subbed green beans for some of the broccoli and steam-sauteed the veggies before making the sauce.  No pictures, but trust me, the goat cheese made the sauce so creamy and fantastic.  Next time, I’ll add some herbs.  Didn’t do it this time since I made dinner after dark and was feeling too chicken to trek out into the backyard at that hour!

Behold:  Breakfast.

Soft scrambled eggs with a bit of whole grain mustard, goat cheese and chives.  I love Deb’s how-to for scrambled eggs.  No one else in my house appreciates eggs this soft and tender.  These were all mine.  So, so good.

Okay, for lunch I skipped the goat cheese, and had black bean tostadas with some avocado salsa instead.  Another something that the usual inhabitants of this house would frown upon.  Again, so, so, good.  The salsa was so fresh — tomatoes from the market and a handful of quartered orange cherry tomatoes from the backyard, a quarter of a red bell pepper, onion from the garden, cilantro, salt, lime, and diced avocado.  Y.U.M.

And, lastly, dinner.  I painted all day and didn’t stop for dinner until almost 10 p.m.  Looking for quick & easy, I opened the freezer and found Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia. 

Now, typically I’d frown on ice cream for dinner.  But this?  This was Cherry Garcia Froyo.   That’s right, frozen yogurt.  Totally makes it okay.

But I was still hungry for something savory.  So I cooked up some hashbrowns with S&P, herbs d’provence, and browned goat cheese.  Hit the spot!

Working on something interesting for breakfast tomorrow.  “Breakfast cookie” anyone??


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