Bacon, a summer redoux

Next time I pretend to be a health nut, fight the urge to bring up my family’s affection for The Bacon, will you?

It’s all my brother’s fault.  I blame it on him.  (After all, I would never have come up with the idea of pureeing bacon on my own.  Nah, I’m not that kind of innovator.)

So, dinner last week.  I started with a basic idea:  burgers, mushrooms, garden green beans, salad. 

And went from there:

Beans – Easy peasy; by default, I almost always resort to the steam-saute.  The thing I love about that technique is that it is so versatile–I could add garlic, onion, shallots; I could use oil, butter, or…rendered bacon fat.  (Which, now that I type it, sounds ew…. But when you just think about it, it sounds yum…)

Mushrooms – Sautéed mushrooms are divine.  Sautéed mushrooms with bacon? Yes, please.

Burgers – Bacon-topped burgers are delicious, yes, but a little too straightforward for what I wanted out of the meal.  So I threw chopped, raw bacon, along with onion, garden-fresh herbs, and the usual round of seasonings, minus a little of the salt, into the burger mix.

Care to guess the theme based on my Captain Obvious description??

Uh huh, The Bacon.

I browned a couple of slices of chopped bacon in a skillet, and tossed about 2 T. chopped raw bacon into the burger mix.  It gave a great, subtle, smoky flavor to the burgers.

The mushrooms, sautéed in a little rendered bacon fat (again, ew…) and olive oil, were fantastic.  Of course.

And the green beans?  Topped with the chopped browned bacon and a nudge of garlic, they were total winners.

And voila!  An inspired dinner. 

Maybe next time the inspiration will be some beautiful fresh seasonal produce or something. 🙂


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