Links delicious

Wish these were do-able for a weeknight: no-knead dinner rolls

Maple Butter Spiced popcorn:  sounds like a delish alternative to kettle corn

There are so many fabulous applications for pancake muffins:  Saturday mornings, Easter, Christmas brunch, Sunday mornings, etc.

Making these cheesecake bars for a teacher who’s leaving the center this Friday.  For cancer treatment.  *Sigh* wishing her healing and light.

I’m all about trying squash recipes this fall, and this one is high on my list.  Really, who could say “no” to butternut squash/parmesan pasta sauce.  Well, if I change the name, perhaps my family will eat it.

Also, ftr, I tried this roasted acorn squash this week and thought it was fabulous.  She’s my go-to for squash ideas after knocking this one out of the park.  Seriously amazing; I never would have expected such fabulousness from this vegetable.


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