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Crisp Flatbreads with Honey, Thyme and Sea Salt from Smitten Kitchen

Elvis Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream from 1 Cup Awesome

This genius salad idea from DALS.  I feel lucky that my kids will generally eat salad.  I prefer to serve assembled, dressed salads, probably only because it cuts down on the wrangling of the 16 bottles of salad dressing to the table and back to the fridge again.  But as certain diners’ taste preferences change, it seems the dress-your-own variety increases the likelihood of consumption at our table.
(Completely unrelated sidenote:  I can no longer think, type, or read the word “consumption” without conjuring images of the plague in 16th century England, thanks to my complete fascination of late with The Tudors.  Speaking of delicious, Irish actors…check out the cast.)

Ever made a veggie burger?  I’m thinking of trying this one.  Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets totally grossed out by those little grisly bits in ground beef…Though I suspect my husband gets equally grossed out by watching me pick those bits out of burgers sometimes. 😉

Kudos to my bro and the crew at Bella Vita for this great review!


4 thoughts on “Links delicious

  1. delicious! i have tried many a veggie burger, being a vegetarian, but i am fussy fussy because they don’t all taste good! i recently was made a yummy garbanzo bean burger & have the recipe out of a heidi swanson book, if you are interested! xo

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