Here’s the deal

What could I say here that isn’t standard food-blogger fare? I love good food; inspired, creative dishes; and most anything made with love.

By day, I wield a red pen and play editor in the public sector.  But my real identity is activities director and general manager of the busy lives of my two school-age kids, their coach resident jokester my husband, and myself.  It’s no easy feat raising–and feeding–the next Major League Baseball star or prima ballerina {or getting dinner on the table before 8 p.m. some nights or weeding the garden or making time to read or paint or knit or…} but, eh, I do what I can.

Busy as we are, I’m a stickler about dinner. Family dinner is a must at our house.  We all eat at the same time without the company of the television or newspaper {with rare exceptions: pizza & a movie night, good baseball game}. So long as there’s pasta or meat for the All Star and pasta or veggies for the Dancer, I can usually manage to satisfy at least one of the persnickety palates of my 5- and 9-year olds.

As for me, I could subsist on {grilled} pizza, salad {with berries and goat cheese} and whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies.  All homemade, of course.


2 thoughts on “Here’s the deal

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